Myths and misconceptions have interchangeable definitions. They are relatively the same thing. Both of these words, however, apply heavily to the slots machine. Unless someone has an inner knowledge of how they work and how manufacturers put them together, there is a good chance they hold a misconception or two. As misinformation spreads, it becomes the truth. Having these misconceptions leads to frustration and anger as the losses mount up and counterstrategies fail to work.

Slots Development

It is important to know about the game of slots due to its position in the gambling industry. It currently accounts for roughly 70 percent of computer technology within the industry. It used to act as the gambling machine that people scorned because it was so simple to play. In other words, it was the gambling machine for people who cannot gamble. Opinions have changed over time. However, the advance of computer technology and the immense popularity of the game have led to a variety of myths and misconceptions.

Jackpot Misery

The belief is that if someone wins a jackpot on a machine after the gambler leaves then they have cheated themselves out of a jackpot. This is completely incorrect due to the presence of the Random Number Generator (RNG). This RNG constantly cycles through numbers faster than the reels spin. It does not take into account the player playing or the combinations it threw up before. The chance of the jackpot coming up at that specific time is highly unlikely and comes because of nothing but bad luck.

Symbol Counting

The machine only has a certain number of symbols. Clearly, it is simple to just count the symbols. This is the easy way to predict the specific combination. It does not work this way because the number of combinations on the reel differs from those programmed into the RNG. Whilst there are only 8,000 combinations on a 20-symbol three-drum machine, there are actually 16,777,216 combinations programmed into a computer chip with 256 virtual stops. It makes it impossible to predict where the reels stop.

The flick of a Switch

Another myth is that the casino can change the odds of a machine with a flick of a switch. Again, this is false because each computer chip has already been set at the factory before being delivered to the casino. It is impossible to change the odds of a machine without calling a contractor from the manufacturer to change it. And this requires a lot of time and money. In many cases, they also have to draft in a representative from the Casino Control Commission to oversee the changes.

Losing Streaks

If a machine does not hit, it has to reveal a huge payout soon, right? Completely and utterly wrong. The RNG used to reveal each combination does not care what happened previously. It does not have a memory so it can?t use what came before to influence what it?s about to do next. It is all down to luck. Each spin is independent of every other spin.

Rub it for Luck

The idea of rubbing a coin and warming it up for luck came from the myth about the machine being influenced by temperature. It is a mechanical device and cannot take into account whether the coin is warm, cold, or old. It is completely unfeeling and therefore it has no bearing on what happens next. Do not attempt to warm the coin with a lighter or any other device unless the desire to risk injury is strong.

Slot Club Card

The slot club card is something many people refuse to use because they think it means the machine changes its odds in the negative. The RNG does not have a link to the card reader, so what goes into the reader does not matter to the computer chip. The odds remain the same no matter who it is. Gamblers risk damaging themselves when they abstain from using their club card as it essentially reduces their credit and prevents them from entering special tournaments and gaining special prizes.

Rodrique Fairgray