There are two versions of online slot tournaments and these are the Sit and Go slot tournaments and the Scheduled slot tournaments. Before you participate and play in online slot tournaments, it is important that you understand the main distinctions between these 2 types of online slot tournaments.

Scheduled Slot Tournaments

As the name implies, a scheduled slot tournament has a designated start and end time. Under this tournament format, the event can have a short 5-minute run or can run up to a month or even longer. Players can enter the slot tournament any time that it is open. Players get a chance of winning bigger prizes for the simple reason that slot tournaments that run for a month or more can offer big prize pools. For instance, the 2009 edition of the Grand Slam of Slots had a prize pool of more than $1.4 million and a top prize of $1 million.

Pros of Scheduled Slot Tournaments

You can participate and play in open slot tournaments at any time.
Scheduled slot tournaments offer the largest prize pools.
Players have the option for a re-buy in scheduled slot tournaments and get another shot at the jackpot prize.

Cons of Scheduled Slot Tournaments

Players may have to wait for some time for the final results of the slot tournament.
Winning becomes harder because of the large number of players participating in the slot tournament.

Sit and Go Slot Tournament

Slot tournaments that follow this game format do not adopt a fixed kick-off or start time. They remain open until the required or sufficient number of entries is obtained. A sit and go slot tournament commences once the target number of entries is reached. This type of slot tournament typically runs for a short period of time and a lesser number of players is involved compared to scheduled slot tournaments. This means that a sit-and-go tournament may have smaller prize pools. Because of the lesser number of players participating in a sit and go slot tournament, you have a greater chance of getting a prize.

Pros of Sit and Go Slot Tournament

Players can get the results of the slot tournament quickly.
You get to compete with fewer players.

Cons of Sit and Go Slot Tournament

You cannot get the final results until all players have completed their respective sessions.
This type of slot tournament has smaller prize pools.
Re-buys are not allowed in this type of slot tournament.

Rodrique Fairgray